Thursday, 24 May 2012

The What-If Productions.

Her-  Passion can sometimes be overrated. Peace, you see peace, is where stability, welfare, growth and the good things lie.
Me- But, Passion is what Woody Allen movies are based on.

Ok, so that only wins me the argument in my head.

The Peace vs. Passion argument is overarching and can extend to almost any emotional context. I’m batting for Passion here, and if you disagree then shut the f***k up.
That, was a case in point.

Passion has been getting a bad rep for being symptomatic of violence, craziness and general evil. Peace is the other harp playing, potato-eating, White cousin. Ask a kid to colour passion and peace, and they’d pick out red and white. Ask a young graduate to colour, and they’d do the same. Passion is the bad guy, the crazy, angry, smoker dude. Peace has Provident funds and health benefits on its side.

It’s been said that chasing a passion, can leave you broke, frustrated and worse, lonely. But, true loneliness is experienced when you deny your passions. When they’re put aside for propriety, the ‘better thing’, and being safe. If you’re carrying around that sort of gap- it never really goes away. Playing it safe, choosing what is ‘best’ (read : what causes least discord within me and outside), without inconveniencing myself or anyone will not help  join Oprah’s Shiny Happy People club .
I concede that passion is a condition of the privileged. But if you are, if you aren’t struggling to make ends meet- why aren’t you out there, doing what you’re passionate about? Consumed in what makes you tick ? And creating?

Create. Destroy. Create. Recreate. But  do it, and own it.
(Hyper, high-pitched inflection of tone is much harder to bring about in text).

The question hour on this, doesn’t stop with just you. There are those chinks in our amour, called relationships. I don’t know any, which haven’t gone through the peace/passion debate, at least once. When you’re in the throes of everything going to the Bar at Rockbottom, you’d give a limb for Peace. Heck, you’d give up the relationship for peace. So many often do. Sometimes, it’s worth it.

 But, here are my two cents- every time you have given up a relationship for peace, is when someone else’s passion was driving it.  Driving you insane. You couldn’t take that passion. Thought it was tiring, almost like Scarlett O’Hara on crack.
The view looks completely different when it’s your own passion steering your twosome. Or, when both your passions collide, and combust in a beautiful constellation in the sky. To stay or not to stay, takes on a whole new shape.
Then you’ll probably call the case - Messers Love vs. The State of Settling.

Here’s my Sunscreen Song- Don’t settle.
Sure, the passion will rock your boat (often in more good ways than bad). Weather that storm, because when you have the peace you once desperately coveted, you will look at Woody Allen movies and what-if.
Picking passion won’t always make it easy. It’s almost like picking an angry, tempestuous child. But, he is your child and you know when you pick him up -- that no matter how well behaved, Miss Suburbans peaceful boy is, you’d pick your brat over him, every time.
Play on the team of your passions. It could lead to madness, to Middle Earth, and if you’re really lucky, delirium, but every moment of that life will be yours.

YouseeAlan, that’s the big reason I play on this team. No two people have identical passions. These things are as unique as your fingerprints, and sometimes, as hard to separate from who you are. And there’s no peace greater than that.

If God was a barista, I’d be all

I’ll have a cup of Passion please , extra large, no milk.
This will be to go.

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