Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It's Friday, I'm in Love

These guys really got it right !

The Cures, were a band from the '70's, and somehow, those guys seemed to know so much more ! Maybe, they weren't distracted with all the App downloads our generation is burdened with.

I was link hopping (because, really what else makes sense), and I came across this -
That's when I knew, I belonged to the other camp. The camp of crazy loonies who talked a lot, drank a lot and thought a lot.

This is my reply. Why I won't settle for anything less, than a Friday kind of love.

Anything surreptitious could come and go, but this, I would've wanted to wait for, to crave and ache for. It shouldn't come too easy and it shouldn't come quick. It has to be alive with moments of palpable tension, with chemistry and sometimes downright hate !

Don't give me something I can ignore; that's an eventuality I will reach on my own. I want to stay up all night talking, only to be exhausted and regretting it the next day. Where there's stability, tempered with a pinch of madness. I'll take giddy fits of giggles over quiet smiles. Hand me those burning secrets, you can keep the knowing it all.The surety that you will always come around, mingled with the anxiousness of how to dress us up. I need to be entangled in every mystery that makes them who they are, and when the mystery is over- make a new one up.

I want to do my bills knowing that I ceded some control, to someone else. The power to make me come undone. I want to brush my teeth, resolving to get it back everyday.  A Friday kind of love, when you're a part of their everyday nothings, while plotting subconscious dreams of grandeur. To be able to let loose, be out there alone, fighting your demons. All the while knowing, if you do look back, someone is standing there- to hand you the second sword, so you can fight your fights harder.

A Friday kind of love, isn't poetic or candy floss romantic, it is blood and gore and your favorite drink afterwards. It is the quiet knowledge, that while every new person can be a day of the week, I'll be the weekend night you wait for. The weekend Knight to get away from the laundry, and the job lists. A Friday kind of love, is going back to your childhood and making castles out of your blanket. The world outside is mean and fierce, but inside the torch can keep you warm. It can keep you young and alive.

A Friday kind of love, is grabbing pizza and talking about the imaginary friends you had. Some that you still do. Loyalty is no longer a penny a piece, and not enough people talk about what could have been, what should have been. It is a conversation of endless loops of hashed old ground. You want to talk till your mouth is dry. It is sitting somewhere, knowing that the regular stuff, the everyday stuff is a few days away. This moment is all you, all you've ever wanted to be. As ridiculous a career choice, as a Ballerina tutu wearing, astronaut.

A Friday kind of love, is the one you can't wait to tell your friends about, the next day at brunch. It's ridiculous and sometimes annoying. It's a little impractical and entirely too hopeful, it's pressured by a thousand and one expectations. But you look forward to it, day after day.

When the rest of the week weighs heavy on you, you can wear a wicked smile.
Knowing fully well, that you conformed and compromised Monday to Thursday, but Friday you were in Love.

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