Wednesday, 1 January 2014


This year I hope you keep your eyes skyward. Bold, almost challenging. Because looking down or back is no way to live.
This year I hope you move forward, if only in the tiniest of increments. Hell, shuffle where you are, if you must, but travel both inside and out. Take a leap of faith. And when you do, I hope you find new, unexplored places.

This year, like all other years, I hope you love defiantly. Reach beyond what you've been told is right/smart/will happen/can/should/be. Love like you're in a movie. Get your hair done if that helps you play the part. Do ridiculous, grand things for love because of all the things you underplay, this shouldn't be one of them.

Of the things you lose this year and you will- your keys, that second sock, a jacket in a party, your wallet and your heart- don't lose yourself. Be true to the oddball, goofy version of you there is. Celebrate him/her each time you discover a new neurosis or eccentricity and know that just you living each day out is one hell of a good story.

Speaking of living, I also hope you die in tiny, tiny bits at key moments this year.
Die inside and watch yourself come back to life. Then hold this beautiful and softly tragic truth in your palms. That you will probably survive most things. You, right now, decked out in pajamas and padded in winter weight, you will not die of a broken heart (even though it might feel like you might), you won't die if you're made redundant or if you lose your mortgage. You will survive loss and pain, even when you may not want to.
And each time you find yourself in the centre of some loss or pain. Make a joke. Find something to laugh about, because when you do you've unknowingly already crossed over to the sunny side.

But more than anything else, this year make your own choices, don't sit on a fence of confusion, complacency, comfort and fear. Don't let life choose for you. Take a chance, put your wishes out there in the Universe, and irrespective of how it turns out, this year would have been yours to own.

                                                               (Photo Credit: Here)