Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Raqs ~ Stories From Urdu

(Urdu; Dance)

The sky is laundry clean blue, all stains of yellow curry from the day now scrubbed out.
The air is an assault of scents; from the freshly wet earth, the mobs of spring flowers and favourite, local deep fried snacks.
Dogs violently shaking their bodies around every street corner, as the calls to prayer are almost set in beat to the smash of raindrops against car roofs.

The evening just turned into a party.
RSVP. ~hyperbolemuch.blogspot

(Full disclosure: I wrote this yesterday (or was it two nights ago?) when it was raining and beautiful outside. Maybe posting it now will make it rain again. A girl can hope. Saving my crazy rain dance for when things are rougher. #TropicalRainBaby) #Urdu#hyperbolemuch. Watch the video here.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Fursat ~ Stories From Urdu

(Urdu; leisure/ at rest)

All of June spent at my grandmother's house where the sun stretched its legs straight across her veranda and I lay on my stomach eating too-ripe mangoes, reading Russian folktales of 14 year old Tzars who forgot to go to war because they were playing chess with their friends.

~hyperbolemuch.blogspot.com (Thinking of my Nani 🏡 and days of rich nothingness. Watch the video here).

Friday, 12 May 2017

Rutba ~ Stories From Urdu

(Urdu; Distinction/ Rank)

He's awake before the milkman arrives.
Squatting low, with shoes between his knees and an old,tired cloth now squeaking in protest.
His mother's affectionate pat disturbs the hair part he's carefully aligned using a comb and the straight edge of a protractor. "Smile baby", she says as she waves at his bus with her floral nightie flapping in the wind and her hair sticking up and out.
He sighs softly.

She would never have become Class Monitor of 5-B with that casual attitude. ~hyperbolemuch.blogspot.com (Watch the video here).

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Vaabasta ~ Stories From Urdu

(Urdu; bound together, connected)

There's a sharp turn around the corner across the road from here, which will be the last place I will see you, four months from now.

I'll move to a new city soon after that.
You'll change your hair (many times). That corner will stand still, exactly where it is.
Holding its breath, watching people and cars come and go.

And always wondering what went wrong with us.

~hyperbolemuch.blogspot (Thinking of interconnectedness today, and how we scatter pieces of ourselves on favourite roads, cafes, homes and people). watch this video here.