Sunday, 30 October 2011

Elvis has left the building

This is step one towards being a more disciplined writer- a public blog.

None of the "I write for myself in a secret blog which only 5 people know about" nonsense anymore.
This is the smalltime,wide-eyed, secret blogger, wandering around in the Blogger Role filled with new templates world, clutching her shiny Macbook.
And I can tell you this Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

What's really scary about a public blog is how transparent your life and you become.
Writers/bloggers even angry Facebook note vent- ers are completely obvious to everyone else.

Give me a guys blog (someone whose figured out punctuation please!) and I can tell you his journey or lack thereof. I could tell you what he despises the most and what his parental complexes are. Telling his favorite color and favorite movie apart however would be a challenge, not to mention a snooze-fest.

To cut a long rant short. I'm here.
And committed to seeing this through.

If any of you try to call me on a "feeling", I will find where you live, hunt you down and kick your ass.

The rest of the violet anger I am working upon.