Sunday, 30 October 2011

Elvis has left the building

This is step one towards being a more disciplined writer- a public blog.

None of the "I write for myself in a secret blog which only 5 people know about" nonsense anymore.
This is the smalltime,wide-eyed, secret blogger, wandering around in the Blogger Role filled with new templates world, clutching her shiny Macbook.
And I can tell you this Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

What's really scary about a public blog is how transparent your life and you become.
Writers/bloggers even angry Facebook note vent- ers are completely obvious to everyone else.

Give me a guys blog (someone whose figured out punctuation please!) and I can tell you his journey or lack thereof. I could tell you what he despises the most and what his parental complexes are. Telling his favorite color and favorite movie apart however would be a challenge, not to mention a snooze-fest.

To cut a long rant short. I'm here.
And committed to seeing this through.

If any of you try to call me on a "feeling", I will find where you live, hunt you down and kick your ass.

The rest of the violet anger I am working upon.


  1. Here are the rules:

    You will be a regular here. All references to me will need prior approval.

    For comments and popularity comments i will accept cash, gifts and sheesha turns...

    Happy blogging :)

  2. Aneesha- If I don't write about you guys where will I get the material from?

    Momma needs her scandals.

    Now be a good friend and go do something bad/illegal/downright wrong and come tell me all about it :P

  3. "someone WHOSE figured out punctuation please!"
    the incorrect usage of the word 'whose' would only have been more ironical if the writer was referring to someone who had figured out grammar, rather than punctuation. even so, this is quite a facepalm moment.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Haha! Word.

    (Also, conceded :) )

  6. dear writer, i did not mean to troll you or cause you unwarranted anguish. you made an error that vividly manifested irony, and i but pointed it out. proof of my good faith is evident in my not mentioning the numerous errors of grammar and (ironically again) punctuation that punctuate(!) your blog in my previous post.

    it is good that you are writing for the world to read; and i hope my commenting does not discourage you, or affect your endeavour negatively. writing is difficult, and the desire to write must be nurtured for it to bring meaningful result. i wish you patience, both to hone your skill, and to learn whatever you can, from wherever you can. even from anonymous commenters who display disregard for capitalisation.

    i would generally avoid commenting at all, but seeing that you managed to get your own comment removed from your own blog, i realised that the hyperbole was becoming a bit much.

  7. Dear Anonymous Reader

    Since you’re such a fan of irony- I remember reading quite an acidic comment left by you yesterday (Blogspot links comments to my email inbox- Fancy, sneaky technology, huh?!). This comment was subsequently deleted by you.

    Needless to add, it is quite amusing to read your conspiracy theories.

    My dear, grammar Nazi (who refuses to capitalize- the obvious irony once again is too good to pass) "This post has been removed by a blog administrator" was deleted by me (I am the writer and the administrator- imagine the anarchy !) merely because blogspot kept showing an error on the post.

    Nevertheless, it is quite flattering the amount of time and energy you've spent on my blog, composing furious comments, deleting and then reposting.

    Hope you're out there fighting evil with as much gusto.

    P.s- “and i but pointed it out” ( This snippet is from your brilliant sentence construction above. I’d comment, but too easy. Way too easy.)

  8. oh dear.

    the acidic comment was supposed to stay, but for some reason it didn't (some problem with the site, perhaps; i didn't delete it). i discovered later it was deleted, so i decided to be nicer the second time around (i thought i was being unfairly critical in the reply that never was). you may ask, why bother at all? no answer there. i just thought i should.

    alas, my understanding of the technicalities of blog mechanics has proved incomplete. i can see how contrived my assumption about your 'removed' post must seem. i did dig quite a hole there.

    i couldn't help but notice that you inserted a comma between dear and grammar while addressing me ("My dear, grammar Nazi"). yes, i am a keen observer of irony. and while i do see the point in what you say about my long and rambling posts, i hope you will appreciate that you have outdone yourself in this instance, considering the context of the sentence.

    again, you are right about my expending lots of time on your posts. i'm not sure i know why i'm doing so myself. perhaps the time would have been more fruitfully spent in fighting evil. then again, maybe i already am.

    and finally, i really did mean that line about being open to learning. so please do tell, where did i go wrong in "and i but pointed it out"? i can see it's not very clean, but is it incorrect?

  9. Dear Anonymous Hater,

    Well, I'll admit it has been rather fun dueling with you. I will however, go back to more fun tasks like picking out sweater lint.

    See you again on another post. Another time.
    I'm sure you will rise to the bait.

  10. punctuation is over rated and oh so blue collar. and also limiting.

  11. and if telling his favorite color and his favorite movie apart calls for an effort, doesnt that make him a discerning customer? red, white.. get the drift. but i agree, if reading(subtitles) while watching films is not your cup of tea, a snooze fest it might become for you.

  12. Agree with you on punctuation being blue collar Ravi :)