Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Things I Missed You Through

Every chorus of every sing-along song
Days of being punched in the gut
Contemplative hair shampoo-ing in the shower
Doodles during a meeting about something someone cares about

Listening to a friend rambling
While rambling
Zing-ing with 'em knockout zings
Listening to the apocalypse-now of breaking news

Post 1am
While looking good
While not feeling so good
Meeting new books and new-er authors
Or old friends and staccato conversations

On Tuesdays post lunch
On vacations to places you never really went
Flaming cheeks and ensuing embarrassment (in that order)

Crowds of more than four
New , shiny, inexplicable, incomprehensible gadgets
Tripping on words
Gryffindor nostalgia

Rewriting histories
Exploring brave new worlds