Monday, 3 March 2014

The Truth Is A Black Hole

(I've decided to add a new feature called Suggested Listening to the blogposts. Songs I like and think go well with each piece. 
For today it is this wicked, wicked interpretation of With/Without You on cellos)


because if everyone is out looking for answers, someone has to stay back and ask the questions.

can you spot each other in a crowd after all these years? Will you fall in love again if he made his way to you? Does it count as 'first sight' if enough time has passed? What does enough time look like? Do you think we have some before global warming takes over?

Would you agree with her if she told you that we're all on a rebound? Did we ever get over anyone? Do you get a new hairstyle when you're finally over someone? Do you still wear that red sweater because you're convinced it brings out your eyes? Or because he loved it and you're hoping to run into him again?

Did your first date begin when he picked you up from the door, or when he asked you out? Do you always magnify every insignificant detail? If it didn't sound so plebeian would you tell everyone you want to leave your day job to write vampire fiction? Can you voice every thought coursing through your veins? Do you think your closest friends would still like you, if you did?

Do you like surprises on days other than your birthdays? Would you be able to tell that a surprise and a shock are interchangeable depending on what side of the planet you occupy? Is there any right answer to the 'what kind of music you like?' 

What kind of questions do you ask people when you're first getting to know them? Do the questions tell you more about them, or are they disguised answers to who you are?

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? If you know it why do you still hold on to it for dear life? Are you afraid of feeling empty when you're finally rid of your 'faults'? 
Do you recognize in others faults you wish you had? Does it make you think of sex? Doesn't everything?

Will you admit to your mentor that the only news you've read since the last 2 years was on Twitter? Do you wish you stopped that too? Have you ever wished you could see a therapist? Called your friend who makes equally bad choices, instead? Why do you prefer a water bed to an air mattress? Do all your choices say something about you? Does that question still hold if you subscribe to chaos theory? 

Are you always looking for answers?

Or do you wish you could just stop?

                                           (Picture Credit: RyTy and The Portret Project, New Delhi)