Friday, 2 March 2012

Blank Verse in Rhyming Prose

Picture Credit: Here

There were only two rules for survival:

1.There was a thin line between OCD and quirks
2. Gibberish was best understood written.

Of course, the war stretched on till sundown but Steve had to catch the first plane out. There was some meticulous planning that went on and The Council for Construction of Modern Stereotypes loved their doughnuts cream-filled. Tigers patrolled the streets- ticketing anyone, who yelled out “Hobbes”.

If you were a cricketer and had knee pads on, you could contest the elections. But what good could ever come of that ?The place banned all balls. Literally.

Steve reached the hotel late, late into the afternoon.
Sleep (a registered human vice) gripped him.
He knew that lying horizontally and closing your eyes was a disrespect to the gadgets painfully designed to take over your lives. He risked it, anyway.

For the next three days, celebrations were to be organised. Fuschia was an official colour of the rainbow and f.i.b.g.a.l.o.r.e was the new acronym kids learnt. Violet and Yellow were dropped from the list  after the Eurasian crochet teams(official colours- Violet and Yellow) disgraced themselves (The coach fell asleep in public view and had admitted he was “exhausted”. Violet and Yellow (the team colours) were now colours of shame)

Election time was nigh. Your manifesto could only be read/written in Shakesperean.
They made a virtue of necessity but the truth was out.
Steve awoke to silent euphoria outside his window. Drawing his comforter around his knees. He stroked Pluto’s round head. The erstwhile planet had become insecure and Steve had taken it in as a pet.

He knew it was all coming to a beginning- the apocalypse was near. All because the United Nations had lost their iPod charger.

Someone needed to fix the state of things. Cameron Diaz could always dazzle with her smile and beach-blonde hair.

But then one day, she found carbs.


  1. Great imagination at work!

  2. I keep coming back to the title-- some remarkable brilliance there!

  3. Coming up with titles is by far my fav part of writing something ! It's like naming a baby- you want to make sure you don't pick something kids will tease him/her about, it has to be different and it has to represent your baby in all its glorious 'my-baby-all-MINE'-ness.

    So like all parents, I close my eyes and wing it with the first thing that makes a connect !