Sunday, 11 March 2012

In that where she asked another question.

Would you be you/ Would I be me/ Would we be us without an inbox exchange between each?

Excuse the ditty.

There's enough that's been said on technology ruining intimacy. How relationships have been falsely anchored in auto-corrected texts, emoticons and 120 character spaces. 
Like the first proud gay man said, "just to put it out there"- I love my technology. I find nirvana, space and  escape in it.

But I can't help wonder how modern day relationships would play out, without. How did those people *refer our mums and dads* do it? How did they ever decide when and where to meet their friends? Imagine how tedious, linear and sometimes simple, plan making was. X would meet Y at the coffee shop at 5:30. X has gone shopping and hence Y can't change their mind 20 times between coffee shop a/b/c/ d. 
And what would be the Alexander Graham Bell equivalent of a smiley?
The smiley is my favorite conversation, 'I don't know you well enough to be sarcastic with you', filler.

The drunk texting ex-es would, well, not happen. The landline simply would not indulge every impulse shooting through us.  It would not let you experience the heady thrill (and danger) of knowing that every emotion, bad judgement call is a text, tweet, update away.

Perhaps the immediacy of technology, lets truth spontaneously permeate our exchanges. 
Or is it loaded exaggerations hinged on power?- power to construct opinion, identity, realities with one picture/update? 
With one well-worded and smartly concealed generic text sent to you. 
And maybe four others?

Does this technology orgy that we're having give validation to every fleeting emotion we've ever had? Help us make mini-potraits of our daily existence? 
You didn't just celebrate another festival- YOU, my friend. Had. An. Experience. 

Here's what Shakespeare intended to say- All the world's a stage and all men and women are really busy on their smartphones.

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