Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Punctuated Murmurs

She asked me, what it was I liked to write about.
Without missing a beat, "you do it for the love of it. Because you can't help it. News reporting and writing aren't the same" *cue eye roll*

But then, I think I had an answer.(I'll admit it hit me at four o'clock on a Monday- my preferred time for plans of grandeur)

There is nothing more evocative, intriguing and repelling than people. Ironical companionship and deliberately smudged boundaries. Incomplete sentences with loaded subtext.
Whispers of complications which acknowledge simplicity. Varying portions of lies, masks, vulnerabilities and dreams .Shaken, not stirred

There is nothing more fascinating than human relationships.The deviancies , and sometimes, begging lack thereof.
Raw, beautiful, throbbing everyday conflict between Messers You and You.
Desperate belief timed to activate when desperation sets in; rather than something worth believing coming around. Smudges of personalities consciously wiping off on each other. Daily abortion of old selves.

People. Just people all around.
Either at war or in a passionate, gnarly entanglement with their own psyche.

That's what I like to write about.
Isn't that what anyone ever wrote about ?


  1. I believe that's what writing's all about, an entanglement.

  2. I believe that sometimes that's what my Mondays become about ! :)