Saturday, 4 February 2012

Another Brick in The Wall

That one person.

They will teach you everything. 

It doesn't have to be a love gone wrong/waste/unreturned. 
It just needs to be one human being so connected to you and so far apart from your being that they wrap themselves around you like a sentence which never ends or the invisibility couture that Potter rocked.

It could be a parent missing. A friend frustrating. Or, the pop culture favorite- love worn and war torn.

You obsess, ignore, amalgamate and then process fragments of their being. 
Your imagination assimilates its favorite bits about them and then recreates- Alternate Realities. Subconsciously and quite subversively, might I add, you re-align your reactions (imagined or real) only to extract desired reaction from them.

This muse need not be physically present in your surroundings but the little you've known of them, always is.

And, that's how you learn and un-learn. Who you want to be. Who you think other people could be. 

Sociology 101, is a fascinating semester. Over too soon and always leaving you wishing, you'd just studied harder.

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