Monday, 6 August 2012


 If I were Enforcer & Chief Officer of Universal Will, these are the 17 things I would want.

17, because 25 would make me greedy.

1. Ban Crocs. No, really.

2. Have the weather, always  magically conspire with my mood. It must rain outside when I feel like curling up and reading. Warm sunshine, a happy must for my weekends.

3. Find my fav peeps, round them up and then make sure we’re not separated by latitudinal obstacles

4. Find a way to save the animals. All of them. Dolphins and lions first, in that order.

5. Everyone should work at what they love. Even if, some just love earning money.

6. When things seem off, may a present find its way to you.

7. Dial-a-Date with Gosling. You get Gerard Butler if the line’s busy.

8. Compress cultural experiences. Somehow, the time-space continuum is deliberately spiting me. The older I get, the less time I have, to read, travel and watch films.

9. In reference to point 8, plot a slow, painful take down of Microsoft Excel.

10. Be able to travel at will. Much like a wealthy hippy.

11. Loyalty. Because really, everything else is eye-roll worthy.

12. Be the muse of a rockstar.

13. Embrace and not embarrass myself, on key occasions. Everyone who grimaced, smirked or sighed at that, we have a support group meeting at 1am on Saturday.( Open Bar)

14. Write a book as popular as a George R. R series with the eccentricity of Gaiman and Zadie Smith, casually thrown in.

15. Be able to Thought Project a great hair day on myself.

16. Own ‘em comebacks. May the right comeback, present itself to me, at the right time and never a second too late.

17. Save the world, or find Narnia.

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