Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lessons #6868

(Instagram uploads from @hyperbolemuch)

All the people you've 
Ever loved
And ever touched.
Turned into those stars above.
Those you lost along the way,
Those who stopped 
But did not stay.
The ones who tried
To live in and conquer you.
The ones who were
Just trespassing through.

Some you carry like 
Beating aches inside.
Some whose secrets 
You bury deep and hide.
Some still living 
In strange countries.
Others buried and burnt
Into familiar sleep.

The freckled sky
Is stitched together
Clumsily, only for you,
Night after night.
Always both gloomy
and way too bright.

It wants you to 
Look straight up at 
the shimmering carbons. 
They're burning and shining 
A story the 
Ancients left behind:
"We're all here
We're all still here". 

(Subject inside this stunning picture, my friend @supriyasodhi . Picture Credit @abhishekgaurav. Gulmarg, 2015)

Earthing is what protects structures from lightning strikes. And there I was mid-air, pouring my body of flesh, memories and exposed nerves recklessly into you. Without a thought on how the current would split me into two ~hyperbolemuch . 

(Picture credit my fav Instagram feed @ballerinaproject_ with the stunning @julietdoherty)

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