Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

There was once a beautiful boy
Who cried "Wolf", every night.
He would tell everyone he saw
Of the animals azure eyes,
The throat-gripping terror and fright.

His friends and lovers came in droves
With sticks & words, threats and stoves.
They loved his beauty and wanted him safe
Of the menacing claws, he said lived inside
a cave.

Every night with will anew,
They waited and plotted beatings
Black and blue.
Nights turned to dusk
Lovers to strangers,
Days to years,
The wolf never came
His stories they couldn't bear to hear.

So lived the gorgeous boy,
Icy winter nights alone.
Still muttering about the wolf,
So beastly and regal, it needed a throne.

He spoke about its glistening fur,
Razor sharp claws, yellowed breath
And treacherous purr.
How the wolf would howl every night,
At a monstrous moon
Far away and stark bright.

He heard its padded steps
From miles away.
Horrified by the wildness
Its softly heaving chest would betray.

Alone, the boy with the beautiful smile
In time to realise
The wolf only ever howled inside.

                                             (Picture inspiration: my favourite neighbourhood cafe, and my corner to read)


  1. This is stunning! Saw it on Berlin Artparasites. Exceptional work. :)

  2. Rohini! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading :). xx

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  4. what nationality are you? this piece is really wonderful. ♡

  5. Thank you @naegajaegi. I live in Delhi, India but I'm fairly certain my soul belongs on a beach somewhere near the Arabian sea.

  6. Kakul.. This is fantastic. . Absolutely love it !!

  7. Saw this on Berlinart and googled it just to find the poet. This is incredible and among my top ten favourite poems. Thanks for this :)