Thursday, 12 June 2014

23 Reasons Why Everyone Suddenly Loves Lists

1. Because lists are the new short stories.

2. Because short stories are the new novels.

3. Because the last time you saw a novel was when you were using it as a paper –weight.

4. Because less words and more Emojis. 

5. Because the words “LOL”, “ammirite” , “jkbabez” make more sense on a list than in a 700 page novel. 

6. Because ADD became cool. 

7. Because gifs about flying leaves help you understand autumn more than Hemingway, when he said-
You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintery light."
(Bro, be trippin' on E!)

8. Because you’ve managed to read so far without thinking of cupcakes. 

9. Because I just made you think of cupcakes. 

10. Because now you’re hungry but you can finish this article and still have time for a second lunch.
Unlike a book which might interfere with your meal schedule.

11. Because now your friend who never read, can regularly share articles about “10 reasons you should date a girl who reads” on your timeline. Ammirite? JKBabez.

12.Because you’ve worked in an office so long that unless something is numbered you don’t register it.

13.Because lists=gifs=you being able to LOL. 

14. Because saying “LOL” as a review of a book or a short story will make you look retarded and illiterate.

15. Because people working at Buzzfeed have jobs which pay taxes.

16. Ok, they don’t. But those Buzzfeed interns deserve to be fed with sandwiches. 

17. Because you’ve wanted to be Type A all your life, and reading these list is the closest you’re getting to it.

18. Because you express your dynamic personality via links. And #tags.  #hereiam #thisisme #theresnowhereelseidratherbe.

19. Because you’re against personality quizzes and slam-books (thankfully, those died in the 1990s- Now to attack the crocs). 

20. Because you can practice how to count with a list. (Currently you’re on number 20, after which comes21. There! now you’re the new Beautiful Mind around).

21. Because Facebook Likes had already cured the world of AIDS, what else was there to do?

22. Because while the rest of your life is falling apart in marvellous chaos, some things should come neatly structured. 

23. Because I was too lazy to write an actual blog post and so this list will have to do.


  1. Have been following your blogs for quite sometime. Love the way you play with words. Looking forward to more.

  2. Thanks so much for reading Rajita :)

  3. Just today someone called and asked me to work on a website on the lines of Buzzfeed/storypick kind of happening lists. This one cracked me up!

    Thankyou for some light moments.