Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ways Of Seeing

There are stories to be told in the way people look at each other. Especially around crowded rooms, meetings, clubs and malls. Most need to be translated from the author's native language to be understood. But some can be heard, read and observed if you pay close attention. 
You see there are ways of seeing, even in the dark of the night.

The-I'm worried for your happiness, and how you wear it carelessly like a dress with the straps falling off- gaze.

The- I want you right here, right now, but anyone else will also do- gaze.

The- it's a crowded room tonight but desperately trying to avoid you makes the corners of my eyes work overtime- gaze.

The- telling you lies by looking at you boldly and bored in the face- gaze.

The- we're shaking hands and saying hello because all possibilities are ours in this moment- gaze.

The- even though this success is yours tonight, I played my part by being in your life- gaze.

The- I'm smiling at you but my eyes are roaring for that other person across the room- gaze.

The- I'm staring at the fluorescence of my phone screen waiting for you to look away- gaze.

The- this's a screaming plea to you to learn my piece through desperate, tiny furrows in my forehead and practiced curves of my smile- gaze.

The- obvious knowledge of my beauty tonight earned me my right to look bored- gaze.

The- I have my family and tribe by my side and Loneliness checked out earlier- gaze.

The- these dark glasses let me stare at your body leisurely and inappropriately- gaze

The- that object of beauty you're all unavoidably sneaking glances at, is all mine- gaze.

The- this world seems more promising if my eyes stay slightly hooded- gaze.

The- I dare you to spot the outlines of the places I yearn for in my dilated pupils- gaze.

The- fallen from grace and gleefully rollicking in instant gratification tonight- gaze.

The- dull longing, exploring, wondering and wishing artfully hidden behind infinitely blank eyes- gaze.

                           Picture credit: Here


  1. The- I'm looking at you looking at me and knowing that you co-habit this sorrowful moment with me where it breaks our hearts that we will never know each other even though we're probably meant to be together -gaze