Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013- Here's Hoping.

There is a reason why Calendars Inc (Mayan Brothers & Romans) invented the end of a year. 
To mark time, yes. But more importantly, to mark a new beginning. A starting point and the biggest intersection of Hope, Promises and Good Intentions.

Sure the evolved will say, we can start over at any point, and perhaps we can, but there is undeniable magic when an entire species hopes together. Maybe we're gunning for different things- better houses, safety, more cars, food, better love, more love- but at the root of it all, we're only hoping to be happier than last year.
So here are a mismatched collection of wishes for you and me, in 2013.

- This year, I hope you find your voice. It's the only way to fight ambivalence. Pick a side, have an opinion. Articulate it via a candlelit march, a status update or plot revenge in a badly lit basement. Whatever you do, do it like only you can. Because if all of us spoke in our special languages, but spoke and didn't shrug silently, somehow we would make sense.

- Read. 
Find time in daily mayhem to curl up alone with a book, even if its, 'The Exploding case of Jughead's Hamburger.' Turn the pages, or swipe your Kindle screen. But read. It's the cheapest way to be shocked, delighted, take a vacation and live another life.
Yes, I will submit that this was a shameless plug to get more readers for this blog

- Get inspired. It's all very well to make funny, critical noises. But this year, I hope you're inspired. Find your inspiration in a book, on the street, in art, in the lack of art and aesthetic, but be inspired enough to proclaim loudly, "I will do xyz in the most extraordinary way possible."

- Make many, many new year resolutions. The more optimistic and unbelievable, the better. The act of defining what you want in life, of identifying the missing pieces and gaping goals is important. Maybe you will transform your life, maybe you will get back to old habits in February, but it's worth finding out which it will be, year after year.

- Be loyal. If there is one thing the world could use more of, is undying, unflinching, outrageous loyalty. Be loyal to a person, to your idea of what your life should be, to your pet, but be loyal --because what other way is there to love ?

And beyond all else-

 I hope we're grand this year. Worthy of a stage, with worthwhile things to do and say. Maybe 2013 will be the year we write that symphony, or find a cure for cancer, or make men and women see each other as equals. Maybe we will fight the good fight, Nicotine sales will drop, kindness to strangers and more importantly those we live with will become our masterpiece in progress. And maybe we will be exhausted from doing these things, failing, wallowing for a bit after failing and getting right back up. 
May the end of 2013 will see us exhausted and grinning. Exhausted after an honest years work, because we were too busy being grand to ever get bored.

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