Monday, 26 November 2012

The hole nine yards.


No, it really couldn’t be that far away, could it? Don’t worry, I would drive out to get you, anyway. This way, I ensure I have something to look forward to.

Yes, of course, we can stop for waffles. But you must order your own this time.


Why don’t you get those sandals, your feet look elfishly cute in them !
 Yes, the taupe ones work, oh,  and did I tell you he made it into that B-school? Yeah.

He barely had time to study for the interview, but they said he was a shoo-in. I had my best smirk and I-told-you-so face ready when he broke the news !


Sometimes, you really wish you’d left long ago. You know, back when things were good, and you knew he would remember you with a smile on his face.

Sometimes you wonder this, twice a day. 
There are only so many times you can check your phone for new messages. I’m pretty sure I’m being judged by a machine now.


It’s not like he is around, is he? And who am I kidding, he would buy a pretty girl a drink at the bar. His friends would make sure of it.

I’d never call him on it either.

--No, baby, I’m just out with the girls- a quiet evening really.

Yes, thanks. I’ll have a glass of wine, please. Chardonnay.


This is it.
I know why it’s the oldest institution; there is something incredibly exhilarating about finding your partner in crime.

Hey Universe, I’m going to free fall into Forever, and I know who will catch me too. Beat that!


If I can stop making it into a movie, it would be ok. The bit driving me mad is, if he smiled at her the way he does with me.

No, he couldn’t have.
Or, laughed? Oh God, that is worse. Much worse.

NO, I’m pretty sure it was a cold execution of a physical act. He did not share bits of himself with her, especially not the bits that I adored and shaped  into mine.


I like the bits where we look forward to seeing each other in pajamas every night. Not what Hollywood taught me, but so much comfort.

I still giggle.

The neighbours can hear me, I’m sure. God, that’d be awful. Now, they will never take my requests to steer clear of my parking spot seriously.


Only for the kids.
Only for the kids.

Once they settle down, I will move out.


No, really, it’s not that far away. You’re making me feel ancient. Of course I can come pick you up.

Yes, we can stop for waffles. Let’s share one.

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