Wednesday, 21 December 2011

New Year Cheer

What really marks December and sets it apart from other months?
Or the impending feeling thereof.

December is that month when you think you will close your eyes, get tumble-dried and come out minty fresh the other side of the new year.  Your life feels like a musical with promises of new hope, new beginnings, fewer mistakes and the odd Julie Andrews-on-a-hilltop-song thrown in. 
There’s a lot of Hollywood inspired faith and love doing the rounds. And then, there is Christmas.
The spirit of Christmas, winter holidays (or is it just a love of liquor cake?), Julia Roberts/Kate Hudson rom-coms can drive even the most hard core atheist into a warm, fuzzy, believing mess (it’s almost like strategic warfare).

In that lulled state of happiness/winter/candy coma we then go on to resolve !
We resolve to read more, eat less, run more, worry less and generally come closer to Oprah’s version of 'how to be post-modern good'.

Who can resist the easy charm of Resolutions? They offer you a chance to discard your old selves and personalities.
 Heavy Bangs and not working out was very 2010 of you!
This year shall be about evolved sartorial choices and well-timed epiphanies !

Except December is probably the vilest decoy ever. Fresh starts, resolutions, and haircuts can and should be taken any day of the year.
Hell ! 22nd April is as good a time as any ! 

So this year stuff yourself with cake, turkey and well-coordinated colour blocked layers.
 But like a friend said, “December is like, a month long Friday”.
You’re too giddy to be making well thought out, sustainable decisions right now.
Wait until Tuesday. 

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